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The tradition in the production of chairs in Svitavy began in 1991 with the meaning to evolve and establish products on the market which are attractive for the customers because of the quality, design, price and technical solutions. A Czech family company called PONT began presenting the license produced seating from an Italian company Mobilex. Since the beginning the company wanted to produce and deliver products with 5 years of warranty. Because of natural evolution and the will to become independent from the licensed production, began the company independently in 2009 under the name EMAGRA Ltd. Our company started an Era of independency in buying parts and extending her activities from pure Italian components to different suppliers and markets. Because of the strict selections of our suppliers we managed to achieve a higher level of competitiveness on the market by maintaining all quality processes through our 5 years warranty on the entire product.

Currently the company owns and manages the second generation of family members of the original founder, Mr. Zdeněk Žižka senior, while the company continues to bear the typical elements of a purely family business.

EMAGRA, s.r.o. is a major supplier of office, conference and meeting chairs in the Czech Republic. Within a few years we have expanded our business activities to the markets of Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, where we have our own sales representation. However, our products are also suddenly delivered to the Austrian, German and US markets.

 The company is located in Svitavy - Czech Republic (cca 80 km from Brno, Olomouc, Pardubice). Our warehouse contains material from our suppliers which is carefully checked on quality before we make delivery to our clients. We provide upholstery on the clients requests. On special request we can provide packaging with logo of the client. Our current capacity is 15.000 - 20.000 chairs/year.

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