M5T/3 - plastic design
M5T/2 - upholstered design




The M5 design on the beam is another representative of the high quality seating for corridors, waiting rooms and thanks to its accessories also for teaching rooms.
A many of combinations put this product on the peak of a low-cost economy session. The standard design is a plastic seat and a plastic backrest in four color shades, as option we offer upholstered seat, upholstered backrest or backrest with modern mesh in many modern colors. As supplement can be armrests and folding tables. There are several types of beam, including the possibility of anchoring into the front line of the stairs or to the floor.

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Colour options

Black Red Blue Grey Orange White Brown Green

Colour options of seat cat. H

51 grey 52 black 53 red chilli 54 gold 56 blue 57 grass green 58 white

Colour options of backrest M5

E1 černá/black E2 šedá/grey E3 zelená/green E4 modrá/blue E5 žlutá/yellow E6 červená/red E7 oranžová/orange

Colour options of seat cat. E - waterproof

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