Office chair ATHENA/I

Athena chair with perforated plastic backrest provides perfect support. The
shape has been carefully studied in accordance with the complex architecture of the human back. The special backrest design gives the backrest a natural flexibility that allows you to monitor the rotation of
the user's shoulders in everyday use. Athena is a fully synchronized office chair that can be easily adapted to people of all heights, sizes and positions while ensuring the right ergonomic.
The Athena chair is made in a combination of a flexible perforated backrest, a seat with a depth control and a synchronous mechanism with 4 positions. 4D armrests are rotatable and adjustable in height and width, but also forwards and backwards. Five-armed pyramid aluminum or nylon base with casters of 50 mm diameter.
Product quality is guaranteed by 5-year warranty.

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Colour options

E1 černá/black E2 šedá/grey E3 zelená/green E4 modrá/blue E5 žlutá/yellow E6 červená/red E7 oranžová/orange

Colour options of seat cat. E - waterproof

60 hnědá/brown 61 černá/black 62 bílá/white 65 šedá/grey 66 oranžová/orange 67 zelená/green 68 modrá/blue 69 červená/red

Colour options of seat cat. H


the innovative mix of polymers makes the backrest flexible and sturdy at the same time. Plus a soft-touch effect on the surface.


the perforated backrest has a specific shape with stretched holes to ensure air flow and correct support at the same time.


a built-in lumbar support can be adjusted to your favorite position, to give you extra relief in your everyday tasks.

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